The Board comprises of Following Directors having vast experience in the Banking sector. The brief profiles of the Directors are as under:


Mr. Debabrata Sarkar - Chairman, aged 63 years is a Post Graduate in Commerce, Chartered Accountant and is a certified banker. He started his career in Bank of Baroda and rose to the level of General Manager before being appointed as an Executive Director of Allahabad Bank and later as the Chairman and Managing Director of Union Bank of India by the Central Government. Post retirement, he has been associated with many corporates and has varied experience in Banking and Finance.

He has been awarded with `Excellence in Financial Communication Award for 2012’ by Association of Business Communications of India. He has also been award `Financial Inclusion Award 2013 – Person of the Year’ by S. Kotak Group.


Mr. Ajay Kumar - Managing Director, has over 20 years of experience in Branch and controlling offices during his career in Bank of India in various departments including Credit, Credit Monitoring and Recovery. He looks forward to a healthy growth of BOIMB in all facets of corporate finance. He is ably supported by his team of professionals.


Mr. Makarand Diwakar Atrey - Director has more than 35 years’ experience in Bank of India. He has more than 20 years of experience in Credit and has worked in Hongkong for 3 years. He has worked in the Bank in various capacities. He is presently General Manager, Corporate Credit.
Since Inception, BOIMB has benefitted from strong and experienced management team.


Mr. Minaketan Das- Director , a post graduate in labour & Social Welfare, CAIIB, joined Bank of India as Probationary Officer in 1985 and now working as General Manager of SME Department.

He has handled several assignments during 33 years of career. He has wide operational and administrative experience having handled managerial position in various branches across India, working in controlling offices and Zonal Head in two zones i.e. Kanpur and Mumbai South. He has vide experience in various capacities including as a vice president of New York Branch.


Dr. Rajeev Lochan Bishnoi - Independent Director , aged 59 years, is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. As an advisor and as an Educationist he is associated with starting up several leading graduate and post graduate institutions and universities in UP and Rajasthan.

He has a deep interest in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Development and management and is devoted to development, training and management of Solar and other Renewable Energy projects in India and West Asia.

A Former Advisor to the UP Export Corporation Ltd., he was recently invited by the Government of Kazakhstan to deliver the Keynote Address at a seminar on ‘The Role of Small & Medium Enterprises in the National Economy’ held at Kazakhstan.